all the world is all I am
the black of the blackest ocean

Tanya, 23. Vienna, Austria.
I never was a cornflake girl, but I'm the sweetest cherry in an apple pie.

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so, is it heaven or hell?

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The Force will be with you. l w a y s.

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"It’s a little as if we have secrets between us. Everything is conveyed by communication beyond words. Perhaps, after all, you could interpret that as love.” - David Duchovny

“We are somehow joined, at some significant level, forever, for as long as we are alive, not just in the public’s mind but our own.”- David Duchovny

"They either want to think we’re madly in love or hating each other. But it’s neither of those things. It’s magical and difficult, and wondrous and painful, and frustrating and joyous, as any intense, intimate relationship is.” - Gillian Anderson

"I think we probably know each other better than we know our spouses at any time that we might have had spouses. There might even be more than [just] an attraction, but it’s not gonna happen…”- Gillian Anderson

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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